Cloud Based Invoicing vs. Traditional Invoicing

Every company needs to find its most efficient manner of invoicing. Many modern-day businesses are now using online services for this and many other business purposes.

Traditional Invoicing

There are several different options when it comes to traditional invoicing. A small company can create their invoices by hand and then use traditional mail services to deliver them. Or, the more modern way is to use the computer for this purpose.

Companies can design and generate their own invoices on their computers then deliver them electronically. These invoices can be stored in a file on the computer. This method offers a lot more flexibility when it comes to designing and generating invoices. They can be generated with one of the many different invoice software applications that are available online.

Then as an added convenience, there is the opportunity to electronically deliver the invoices. This modern-day method as made invoicing simple and faster, but it may be replaced with what many thinks is an even more efficient way for a business to do their invoicing.

Cloud Invoicing

The cloud refers to being able to create data as well as store it and access it in a remote location on the internet. Which means that all the requirements of invoicing can be handled in the cloud including the delivery of them. Cloud invoicing comes with a lot of benefits.

One of the benefits is that space on the business computer is not being taken up with the large files that the invoicing files can take. These invoices are being saved in a remoted server that is in the cloud.

All the aspects related to invoicing can be done much quicker. This includes the automatic backups that will occur which is a great convenience for most businesses. The process of creating the invoices and delivering them is faster than the traditional methods.

Ease of use is another benefit as changes can be made quickly and templates can be customized with ease. Security is more efficient with the cloud.

Cloud-Based Billing Services

Cloud-based billing applications perform critical financial tasks at lightning-fast speeds. The simplicity of invoicing through an online service provides several benefits to the tech-savvy entrepreneur, such as estimate management, expense tracking, and streamlined invoicing. Here’s a list of programs that provide unique functionality to ensure that business owners receive an excellent deal when choosing a software to meet the business’ requirements.


Reduce errors and customer service issues by managing customers in Invoicera’s vendor/client portal. It helps businesses send accurate and fast invoices while detailing aging accounts. Manage subscriptions and track productivity under a multi-currency system designed with robust support for multiple users. The system caters to a wide variety of enterprise applications, including banking, legal, consulting, and transportation.

GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping (formerly Outright)

Meeting the needs of small businesses, GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping makes it easy to keep track of company finances. The software elevates business processes by giving owners detailed profit and loss statements. From categorizing sales and expense data to completing important tax documents, this cloud-based service includes all the resources for owners to automatically organize financial data.

Free Agent

Free Agent helps freelancers and other small businesses focus on the business of the business with a software design that takes care of billing and expense tracking. It’s a simple software for expense management, billing, and time tracking. The service includes options for automatic, daily bank deposits from client transactions straight to the business’ account.


Import and reconcile bank transactions in Xero, a robust online platform for business financials. With more than 700 tools, including invoicing, time tracking, and inventory, the software is one of the best ways to run a business. Popular features, such as custom purchase orders and scheduled payments, ensure companies keep track of the money.

These feature-rich, applications make it easy for businesses to keep the books in order. Each cloud-based software also has mobile options, allowing for quick billing and financial tracking on the go.

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