Invoice 2 Go

Invoice 2 Go is a small business invoicing software package that also comes with some additional tools to help with the accounting needs of a small company.


One of the most important features of this invoicing software package is it allows the users to not only create professional looking invoices but allows the templates that are available here to be customized. This, of course, is an important feature for the creation of invoices, but there are some other related tasks that come with invoicing.

Tracking Expenses

A company also must be concerned about their expenses. These are usually tracked by receipts, which can easily get lost. The Invoice2Go will allow its user to snap a photo of a receipt then file it for safekeeping.

Tracking of Time

For those who bill by the hour this is a great feature that is offered through this software. Time spent on a project can be entered immediately through this program.

Payment Acceptance

Many clients prefer to pay by credit cards or through bank debit. This invoicing software will allow for the acceptance of these types of payments.

Tracking of Invoices

Companies using Invoice2Go will never hear an invalid excuse that the client didn’t receive the invoice. This program allows the user to see when an invoice has been viewed.


One of the tasks that can be time-consuming when it comes to invoices is tracking when they are due and sending out reminders. No longer a problem when one sets the automatic reminder feature that is built into this software.

Invoice2Go does not offer a free version of their software but they do offer a limited trial period. This is usually enough time for a business to decide on whether the Invoice2Go software is going to meet all their needs.

Pros and Cons

Handwritten invoices are still common, especially among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Unless you are a small business with a more extensive team, adopting accounting software to handle your collections can be too much work. Instead, small business owners could profit significantly from something easy. Technological advances around the business world have paved the way for invoicing apps, like Invoice2go, which have played a crucial role in helping businesses improve their cash flow and overreliance on credit.

👍 What We like About Invoice2go

With a few taps on a smartphone, business owners can create, and send, invoices for goods supplied, or services rendered, rather than wait until they get back to the office. This aspect of convenience saves them a great deal, with users saving time, and the possibility of collecting payments faster.

The rise of the gig-economy has also worked well with mobile invoicing. Thanks to the geo-fencing technology employed by Invoice2go, this app can detect when one enters a job site, allowing you to check in, and check out, automatically. And when the job is done, you only need to tap to have the invoice sent.

Invoice2go’s partnership with Strip has made it possible for business owners to accept debit and credit card payments. This is undoubtedly a game changer, as far as business transactions are concerned. It makes the payment process simple and reduces the wait time before payments are made.

👎 Cons of Using Invoice2go

While there is much to like about Invoice2go, this app is found lacking in a few ways. Some common complaints from different users include:

Update issues; while Invoice2go might be trying to address customer concerns, there are still some disgruntled users unhappy about the quality of their updates
It is at times slow, and buggy
Relatively expensive for the features it offers
Integration Issues


Despite receiving complaints, or negative reviews, from some users, loyal customers are satisfied by what this invoicing app offers. Excellent customer service, mobility, ease of use, and professional invoicing are some of its key attractions.

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