Best invoice apps for small business

When Choosing an Invoice App

It is not that long since accountants, and small business managers only used Word and Excel software for invoicing. With the world continually developing constant improvements in technology though, many people are switching to more sophisticated methods when it comes to accounting and bookkeeping. One of the latest options is to do your bookkeeping in an invoice app. You may experience difficulty choosing the best invoicing software package from hundreds of companies out there. Here are important things to think about when selecting invoice management software.

🚦 Scope and Needs of the Business

These are by far the most essential factors to consider when using an invoice app. You don’t need everything that is offered, and paying for what your business doesn’t require makes no sense. Choose an app that meets your needs. Depending on the software, it may offer time, sales, expense and inventory tracking, make automatic templates, support other mobile apps and auto-billing, or make estimates.

💸 Cost

You may have realized that you need to save and manage money, before shopping for invoice management software. Therefore, it makes sense to consider the price of the software packaging before purchasing it. Many providers offer competitive prices, so scope out the market thoroughly before you put your money into the invoice app. However, ensure that the app will serve you satisfactorily.

💳 Multiple Income Streams

As a small company owner, the last thing you want to do is put all your eggs in one basket. You want to operate various businesses under one umbrella or open branches in different locations. Therefore, choose invoicing software that can keep books for multiple revenue streams without necessarily paying extra money.

📱 Automation

One of the primary reasons you choose an invoice app is because it can automatically do calculations and produce recurring invoices. So, ensure that the invoicing app can support automated processes. Otherwise, you will grow tired of repeating the same tasks over and over.

Best Invoice Apps for Android

Not everyone wants to be sitting at their desks creating invoices. For these business people, using an android app proves to be the simple solution. There are several to select from, with many being offered in both free and paid versions.

Zoho Invoice

It is useful to have an app that will generate invoices for the small new start-up business, but what happens when the company gets more established and needs a more sophisticated invoicing app? In this case, Zoho Invoice is going to be the best choice here. It allows for a faster, and a more seamless, form of invoicing. It has an excellent interface and will support the brand of the user well.

Invoice Maker

This is one of the favorites of many small businesses because the user can add their client and the product at the same time they are creating the invoice. It comes with some great features such as being able to review the invoice.

Smart Invoice

For those small businesses that want just a simple invoice maker, then Smart Invoice will do the job. There are a lot of “at a glance” invoices that can be seen from the main screen. For example, you can view all the invoices you have sent. It is simple in its looks, and its use, but it will meet the invoice requirements for the business.


There are free and paid-for versions of this invoice generator. It comes with a lot of features, with more of these being offered in the paid version. It has a light user experience design with a simple interface that gives the information required in a clear format.


Some people may want an invoice app that is considered to be the most basic. They don’t want any additional features, and for them, this app will be the one they need. It has a simple “fill in the fields” format, which then allows for saving the invoice in a PDF version.

Best Invoice Apps for iOS Devices (iPhone and iPad)

Whether you’re a freelancer, contractor, or you just run any other small or medium-sized business, you need to invoice your clients on time to ensure your business is thriving. Above all, you want to do this anytime, anywhere, using your mobile device. However, invoicing your customers within the right timeframe is something that is easier said than done, especially during these days where customer demands are always increasing. A competent invoicing solution will help you meet the competitive needs of your clients, and provide insight into how you can best manage your business. Unfortunately, choosing the best invoicing apps for iOS from hundreds of software providers is no easy task, so here’s a compilation of the best for iPhones and iPads.


Creating elegant invoices has never been this easy. Customize your invoice design effortlessly, and add a logo to look more professional when you use the Debitoor invoice app. This software package can be used offline, and you can use it to track and evaluate overdue, and unpaid invoices. The app is free and allows you to work in multiple languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.


Invoice2go offers more than 20 customizable templates and provides a quick, easy and effective way to estimate, report, bill, collect, and invoice. This free software package features PayPal to allow easy and fast payment, in addition to the cloud content that can be synced with other devices. The app can also configure tax and currency to create a sales tax.


Bildu is the ideal invoicing solution for your small or medium-sized business because it comes with user-friendly features, including a simple interface. This free invoice app allows you to complete purchase orders, estimate quotes and create invoices. Billdu comes with a function to track and manage your expenses, a receipt scanner, and online store modules to create automatic orders and invoices.

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