Best Invoicing Software for Small Business

Tips to Help Choose the Best Invoicing Software

There are many options available to the business owner who needs to incorporate the best practices for generating invoices. These can be the backbone of the business; therefore, they require careful attention.

It is not uncommon for small businesses to start out using resources like Excel or Word for the creation of invoices. They soon discover that there may be some serious flaws with these, and there is a requirement for something more advanced. For this purpose, there is invoicing software that has been created, that is useful for businesses of all types and sizes. Follow these guidelines on how to choose the best one.

๐Ÿ’โ€โ™€๏ธ Choosing the Right Software

A decision will have to be made as to whether the business wants full accounting software or just a stand-alone invoice generator. Much of the accounting software today has built-in modules, one of which is for invoice generating. But, the big issue here, is not utilizing software that comes with a lot of features that are just not needed. For the handling of invoicing, good quality software designed for this purpose will be sufficient.

By staying with the invoicing software only, all of the benefits and features assigned to it are going to relate directly and solely. It is also the right choice if you want the convenience of being able to do automatic invoicing.

Another decision that will arise is whether the invoicing software is being offered for free, or whether it needs to be paid for. Often there are both versions available. The free versions will usually have limited features compared to its paid version. But, this is an ideal way of being able to test out the software first to see if itโ€™s the right choice for the business. If it is, then the company can upgrade to the paid version if more features are wanted at a later date.

๐Ÿ’ป Online Services Simplify Customer Billing

If you’re looking for easy-to-use software to handle billing tasks, multiple programs provide the organization and expedience to help business owners invoice clients. Some features include payroll, cash flow, and payment management, important aspects in keeping track of every cent that flows in and out of the business. Three software programs rank high on the list for giving entrepreneurs customizable invoicing at reasonable prices.

1. WorkflowMax

WorkflowMax offers many small business financial solutions, expertly packaged in a clever, online system, beginning at $15 a month. Business owners can opt for flexible invoicing by using features, such as time, quotes, estimates, or deposits. Options include project management tasks and sale solutions. Branding makes each invoice representative of the business with logos and terms that reflect the company’s style. The platform also has seamless integration with Xero, an accounting and banking software company that acquired WorkflowMax.

2. Zoho Invoice

For professional, customizable templates, Zoho Invoice is a small business owner’s ally. The user can email an invoice to a client in moments. Other features include online payment options, automated reminders, and a client portal for discussing terms. The free plan allows one user to bill up to three customers. The $15 per month plan includes three users for billing up to 300 clients.

3. FreshBooks

The FreshBooks cloud accounting website makes it easy for the self-employed to create simple, personalized invoices that offer credit card acceptance. It’s a practical way to keep track of billing, including time and expenses for each project. Attach receipts, images, or PDF files. Try the service free for 30 days or choose the starter plan at 19.95 a month.

Invoicing customers for products and services is easier than ever before. With simple, online platforms, WorkflowMax, Zoho, and FreshBooks give businesses the convenience of customizable, billing options. Each has its own unique features to help entrepreneurs to efficiently manage cash flow.

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